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ESEA Reality 

Since 2020 Asian hate has risen by 200%. Covid might have gotten better, but the hate felt by the East and South-East Asian community has stayed with us.

"Where are you really from?" not only speaks for the community but for all the minorities. We've reached out to ESEA activists and artists to showcase their own experiences of this question for this year's ESEA Heritage Month.


This Stop Asian Hate work is the first ever for an advertising agency in London, as far as we know! We worked with an embroidery artist Nicole Chui, as well as other ESEA leaders such as Richard Pang (Ex Creative VP of Hugo Boss), Zing Tsjeng (Editor in Chief of VICE) and Will Oshiro De Groot (Senior Insights Manager of LEGO). We also created a Snapchat filter of the ESEA Reality, turning the artwork into wearable digital T-Shirt so people from the community and beyond can proudly wear - reaching over 60k users. You can give the filter a go here.

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