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Boots Baby 

Unheard Lullabies

Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising Finalist 2020

The theme of the year was BAME representation. While quite a loaded term itself, we wanted to look for a way that connected all of us in a universal truth. Lullabies. For Becky it was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but for Hannah and so many others, it's something completely different and unheard of by most in this country.


We wanted to shine a light on these unheard lullabies with a beautifully shot fly on the wall style TVC featuring multiple BAME families from up and down the UK. We feel this is a beautiful piece of work that connects both our lives and our friends experiences together, as we reached out to them to discover lullabies of their cultures as well as gather the vintage photographs to use in our entry. 

We also created a book filled with the lullabies from all the cultures, featuring artists from the same background. 

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