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Deliveroo X Stop Asian Hate


Asian food is the number one choice for takeaway in the UK. While the UK loves ESEA food, hate crimes toward the community the food is from is on the rise.


That's why we wanted to create a fictitious takeaway restaurant exclusive on Deliveroo, featuring true stories from the community showcased in a way that has never been seen before!


The logo design, created by a Japanese designer, cleverly looks like a frying pan but when turned anti-clockwise, it's a tear drop. CR& YING sounds like a typical Asian restaurant name but upon further inspection it depicts the emotions felt by the community. When reading the descriptions of the dishes they reveal the real stories of hate crimes experienced by ESEAs. This was a really interesting test of our AD and copy skills, towing the line to make the project as impactful as possible while respecting the true experiences.  

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